2016 Idea House: The Master Bedroom

Step inside our 2016 Idea House in Birmingham, Alabama. Inspired by the October 1979 issue of Southern Living, Virginia-based designer Lauren Liess created a relaxing oasis out of neutrals and textures in the master bedroom. She added hemp burlap wallcoverings; soft, fern-printed bedding; and a traditional Southern four-poster bed to create an easy-breezy vibe.


[MUSIC] I received a vintage southern living story and I really based the color palette of my room off of it. It was a bedroom that looked to me to have chartreuse Shag carpeting, and then what looked like that again orangey burlap kind of wall covering. So I really kind of took that and ran with it and I really just kind of take that same pallet and freshen it up for today a bit. I think the most southern thing about this bedroom is that it has that sort of, kind of easy, breezy vibe. There's a little bit of tradition in it with the black four poster bed with A paisley hanging on it. On one side of the bed I did a writing desk with a vintage chair pulled up to it. On the other side I did a dresser. I like how it kind of has dual functions. You can kind of go to one side and write and maybe work on the lap top and then go to the other side and actually have storage. [MUSIC] I think the purpose your bed is a bit of a reinvention of a southern classic. It's not your typical turn for posture bed, it's a really kind a clean person style piece. On the bed, I just went with really simple standard pillows and know your oceans to keep the look clean and easy and then the coverlet at the end of the bed is something that I have custom made from my textiles. We've got a really comfortable [UNKNOWN] across from the bed with more pattern pillows that I did. I think the three keys to a great bedroom would be that you have functional night stands of some sort. The second one is a sort of layered look on the bed. Finally with the bedroom, I just like it to be kind of relaxed and casual and not really filled with things that are too precious. Just so that you can kind of Breath easy and relax when you're there. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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