[MUSIC] When you walk up the stairs, you enter the reading nook, with great windows that are built into the dormer of the back of the house. In that space, we had a little bookcase built in, underneath the windows, for a place to keep all your reading and books and little collectibles, with two chairs and a table in between them. And, we wanted to add two pillows to the area, and we selected a black and white fabric from IKEA. And we had a custom design made, where we had it sewn on an angle and inverted the two pieces to really create this fun, playful, black and white design on the two pillows. [MUSIC] And you turn around, and you walk towards the front of the house, you enter the study. The study is open to the staircase and it's part of the hallway that mimics the downstairs hallway that you came in the front door, and went out the backdoor. We selected a desk, and from the desk we wanted to have a really large comfy chair with a desk to have a place to relax. We really love that space, because of the windows that overlook the front of the house. And again, this is built in a dormer at the top of the house to give us more of a ceiling height which didn't exist when we first started the project. The study also has burlap drapes that frame the front windows of the house. And that mix with the burlap panels for the children's artwork. It's a great place for notes, and to do lists, and that kind of thing, really finish off that space.
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