[MUSIC] When you walk through the front door of the house, you enter a very wide foyer,and it's very much in keeping with the classical details of an 1830's farmhouse. It's not a dog trot, but it has that feel of being able to open both doors and catch the breezes through the front and back porches. It's a great place to come in and greet your friends and neighbors as they come in to visit you. [MUSIC] The staircase that you have in the foyer, has classical detailing that takes you up to the 2nd floor. Or you can enter through the living room, or to the master suite off of this foyer. In the original design, when we came to visit the house, the staircase went from the back to the front, and you had to duck to get upstairs. That was one of the changes we had to make to update the home. Historical Concepts the architect designed a new staircase, to enter from the front of the home, that kept it with the classical details to really fit this historic farmhouse. We did a collected piece of art and vintage pieces up the staircase, mixed with the bamboo coat rack you have at the front where you can leave your umbrella or your purse. All have a sense of arrival for this front hall. We tried to bring all those items together, to really create a classic southern front foyer. [MUSIC] The front and back door that flank either end of the front hall, are both designed with wraparound windows framed by these burlap drapes that we added. [MUSIC] Also, in the front hall, behind the staircase, you will find a little, small spot where there's a great plaid chair. And a white vintage chest we found that worked perfect with the wall color, and above it we have a Deer Painting by the artist Justin Gaffrey. And this one, has very soft blues and greys and that mixed with the trophy collection and we found the trophy collection, from an antique dealer, and this one was a grey collection of lots of different people, who had won awards over time. And it's just kinda fun to have pieces of history. Whether you know the people or not, they all have dates on them and time, and it was really, it was a fun little addition to the house. In the back hall, you'll find a bell mounted to the wall which is a very antique, vintage bell that feels like it's been here forever but, it was given to us during the install of the home by the developer, who also owns a movie studio here in town in Sunoi. [MUSIC] And if this bell was used in a film it'll be released this August. It's always fun to add little pieces of the town into your designs.
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