[MUSIC] As you pull to the historic farm house here in Sanoy, Georgia there is a feeling of the history of the home, which is the 1830's farmhouse. Which has had editions over the years, including this new edition rennovation that we have been involved in. Making it a great livable house that has the functionality that people want in today's world, but still reminiscive of the past. It's been a lot of fun to see what was an existing old house then kind of take the parts and pieces of it and pull the puzzle apart and put it back together again. And something to look forward to today. When you think about a classic southern farmhouse, you think about the white farmhouse with the black shutters. We really took those colors and used them throughout the home. Some of the quintessential southern farmhouse features in this house are the wood walls, the wood floors, and the wood ceilings. Mixed with all the vintage vines throughout the home that really tie it back to the classic farm house. This house is flooded with light, and we really accented that by using lots of white on the walls and ceilings, which makes it feel really open and bright. With a neutral color space, this overall effect is a real quiet sense of place And it really let's you be able to live in the house, and it really works well over time, too. It has a timeless elegance to it. Throughout the whole process we kept asking ourselves, is this an idea? This supposed to be an idea house so we wanted it. To have features that as the, the visitors arrived that they, they learn something new or they see something that, maybe they would have thought of. We really tried to keep the history of an 1830's Farm House, that make it fresh and new for today.
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