[MUSIC] As you pull up to the farmhouse, you'll see the beautiful wraparound front porch, with a swing on one end and a dining table just beyond the living room windows. On the front porch you'll see, a mix of the, the swing along with vintage furniture that we repainted the same shade of blue that you see on the ceiling. And, we did that along with the custom dining room table as a place for the family to gather. And we tried to mix in planters with southern plants to really give you a sense of welcome. [MUSIC] When we were designed a side porch off the dining room, we tried to create a place where you would gather with the four really comfortable chairs. Just the place where after dinner where you would go and have a comfortable place to sit and enjoy conversation with others. In the back of the house you'll find an incredible back porch On the back porch, there's a potting bench. It's just something that a lot of people love in their home. We had the potting bench painted one shade darker than the ceiling of the porch to have that blue that you found on the front porch and other parts of the outside of the house to tie it all together. [MUSIC] On the other side of the room from the potting bench, you'll find a seating area. We used large wicker pieces that are really deep. [MUSIC] Comfortable pieces to be able to sit and relax on the back porch. The remote control screens on the back porch are such such a wonderful addition to this home. They allow you to be able to have an open air back porch but also be able to screen it when you need to in certain times of the year in the south. In the backyard you'll find the fire pit, which is surrounded by black adirondack chairs. The fire pit is a great place for friends and family to gather and enjoy a fire in your own backyard. In the backyard you'll find an awning over the garage doors. Bonnie is a black and white stripe, which again brings back some of the black elements you find in the shutters and other parts of the architecture of the house. [MUSIC] The wonderful thing about this house, it has many places to entertain and to gather with friends as well as spend a quiet evening at home. [MUSIC]
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