[MUSIC] In the bedroom in the house, you'll come in the back door off the garage or off the back entry. And you'll find the brick paver floors, and a great little nook underneath the backstairs. The nook under the backstairs has a built-in bookshelf, and hooks on the wall, which is a place to be able to drop off your purse and bags and hats, at the end of the day. It's just a really functional place for a family in the back of the house. When you go up the stairs from the brick pavers. You get up, on and your on the hardware floors and there's another row of hooks, underneath the window. Which again, it's just, it gives you a place for children to drop things off on their way in from school, so they don't clutter the rest of the home. Also in the mud room you will find a trunk underneath a piece of art that says, old South, new South, which is really our overiding theme for the house. Mixing the old and new in a Southern home. Going up the stairs to the third bedroom from the mud room, you'll see on the walls there is art which we created using old feed sacks, framed in white, modern frames, which is just a fun way to use a found object as art. The cafe drapes in the mud room have the charcoal gray stripe, which has a classic feel and uses the colors you find in the rest of the home. It's a great entrance at the back of the room. We've used an antique antler, surrounded by two antique plates, which really is just a fun little detail over the back door. We selected two cow paintings from a local artist. We hung 'em over the door, which is an unexpected place to find art. But it really adds a sense of colour to the room. When designing and selecting items for a mud room, we always try to have pieces that really tie to the rest of the house. They keep the functionality that you always need in a mudroom. [MUSIC]
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