The master suite has the master bedroom, the bathroom, and then the closet, and we used the same paint color that we used in the main part of the house. And the white walls of the wood walls are the original 1830s farmhouse walls, which we kept, and we used new trim. And the new windows and they all blend together beautifully. They create a very classic white space. [MUSIC] We wanted to add a little pop of color in the room. So we did that by starting with the grey linen head board and foot board which really anchored room. And then we selected grey bedding mixed with this great popping color. And on each side of the bed, you'll see a bedside table. And on one side, we have a skirted table that's in the grey and white family, that has a pattern to it made with a box pleat. And then the other side we found an old farm table that was from a plantation South of Atlanta. Over the master bed you'll find a grouping of Antler's, which were vintage, that we found at an antique store and we used those to create a grouping that counteracted the very elegant lines of the bed, with this more sculptural, rustic feel above it. We selected great antique pieces, such as the chest, which is a raw pine material. Which is just a beautiful texture, and color in the room. And the polished nickel lamps and then the modern piece of art from Mallory Page above it really create a great vignette in the room. They bring all the colors, and textures from the rest of the room into that one place. And then on top of the chest we use the white collection of iron stone, we do collections, we like to create a collection with a lot of one type of piece, and then this collection their all white and their all iron stone but their different sizes in shape which created a great over look on the chest. And then on the other side of the room, you'll find the two chairs with the Ottomans. And we used the school chairs. The school chairs are a very classic design. And we use those, and then have them upholster in the grey velvet, which gives it a more, luxurious feel. We found this great storage bench, that we had upholstered in white linen. And that way we all used the white linen that's from the drapes, the same color white linen that's used on the bench. And we like to do that in a room, use the same fabrics and pieces in several places in a room to really tie a room together. [MUSIC] When creating a master suite at Tres Suree, we always try to use a full mirror, in this room, we had it leaning in the room, instead of hanging on the wall and that really creates another layer to the room. Across from the bed, you'll find a gray armoire and we selected the paint color to be a medium gray, to work between the dark gray of the bed and. And the white of the walls. And it really creates the end of wrapping all the colors together that have the scale of the colors from the white to the grey, mixed with the poppy, which is what we did throughout the master bedroom. In the master bathroom, the architect designed a room with his and her sinks. We selected two grey sink basins with white marble tops. To tie the pieces for the master bed room, and the colors into the master bath. [MUSIC] The claw foot tub is very reminiscent of a great farm house tub, and this one really feels great in the room. And above the tub, we used a more modern horse painting. [MUSIC] There are wood floors that come through the master bedroom, and all in the main for the master bath. And then when you enter the shower you have a black and white tiled floor mixed with white subway on the wall. And we used a dark gray grout which again creates the sense of white mixed with gray which you'll find throughout the room. [MUSIC] The master suite in this house really makes you feel relaxed, and has a great sense of elegance to it.
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