[MUSIC] When you enter the living room from the front hall, you enter a very beautiful white space. We selected a white colour that really worked well throughout all the main spaces throughout the house. [MUSIC] There's a large console table which is a vintage piece that we found, that's behind the sofa. And this really is a place to kinda ground the backside of the sofa. It's a place where, if you came in at the end of the evening, you could drop your keys off and it's still a beautiful piece that we have a lot of nice vintage accessories. And it just gives you a sense of place when you enter the room. [MUSIC] The drapes were the first part of the room we started with and they are a striped fabric that we actually developed custom for the idea house. And, the name of the fabric is flooting and the reason we call it that is because that's a very classic term for stripes on a column. We thought that worked well in a farmhouse. And at the top of the drapes we had button holes sown into the top of the drapes. We fed the rope through and created knots that they could hang the rings for the drapes. Again this is really a way for us to have a lot of layers and texture and little details throughout the room that makes the room interesting. [MUSIC] And then from there we selected the beautiful white chesterfield sofa, which really grounds the entire room. And then we use linen chairs and the herringbone linen wing chair which really again adds layers and textures adds different colors of neutrals throughout the room. [MUSIC] The coffee table we also found and is a vintage find. And it's an old flat file from an office. In the center of the room, you will find the fireplace. It's a real cool concepts. The architect of the home designed a fireplace which is really in keeping with the classical details of a Southern farmhouse. [MUSIC] We tried to create this mantal by layering pieces on top of it versus having one large piece that really defines the room. We reversed that in this room and had the large painting oppposite the wall of the fireplace to create balance in the room. [MUSIC] Under the large land paiting, we selected two burlap benches They're really fun, new pieces that have a really old kind of vintage feel to em which is the perfect balance for this room. [MUSIC] With the shadowboxes with the keys, we found the keys and then we have custom shadowboxes created. It's a great way to use old found objects as art. [MUSIC] When designing a room, we always think about light and where the light is coming from. In this room, it really comes from the windows and then also from the beautiful chandelier you'll see overhead, that really grounds the room. We love using a chandelier in a living room because. It gives you a sense of place. And it starts where the center of the room is and then we surround the furniture around that. And you'll see that in this room. And then we use lamps and some other picture, lights and things around the room that really give the room a great lighting at night for parties. And then during the day it's a great place. To have a soft light to read by. [MUSIC]
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