[MUSIC] In the laundry room in this house, we decided to have a little fun with it. We brought the charcoal grey that is seen in other rooms throughout the home under the cabinets in the laundry room. And then for the walls, we had all the walls painted with green chalkboard paint. The green chalkboard paint on the walls is a fun place just to write notes, to dos, and just little reminders. On the other wall in the room, we added open shelving with locker baskets and places to keep all your laundry items such as your detergent. Use clothespins as other fun little laundry pieces. We did a front loading washer and dryer underneath the counter top to really make it a more functional laundry room. On the window in the laundry room, we added the cafe drape. We wanted to have a little bit of fabric in the room, to really tie it back to the rest of the house. [MUSIC] We found a wooden box at a flea market. We thought it would really give the room a vintage feel to add this piece in. This laundry room has one of our rules of thumb that we always use. Which is, it needs to be completely functional and beautiful, all at the same time. [MUSIC]
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