[MUSIC] The keeping room, is a room off the back of the kitchen in this home. It's a really small intimate space that felt different than the main living room, dinning room and kitchen, but still had the same colors and feels as those spaces that it's directly next to. When we designed the buffalo check wall, we thought it would be a great way to really connect the colors in the spaces together by combining the linen and the white that you've seen in the adjacent rooms. To ground the space, we used this charcoal gray sofa covered in this heathered fabric that really seems like a great place to sit down and read a book. We selected a white club chair, because we wanted to introduce a little bit more of the white that you've also seen in the living room and kitchen. The charcoal grey rug on the floor is an indoor/outdoor rug, which again, makes the room very usable and family friendly. The buffet, which is across from the sofa has great X detailing, which again, has a classic farmhouse feel. On top of the buffet, you'll find two antique brackets we found at the antique store. The brackets were, were removed from an old house, and we thought ,what better way to show that in a farmhouse renovation, but to use pieces out of another farmhouse in this one. We also found this block print we wanted to use in the room, with the degrees of the Mason-Dixon line. This is a fun little element, that is a great conversation piece. And we liked adding a little bit of black to again, ground the room like you've seen in the other rooms that are adjacent to this room. The French doors that lead out to the back porch, are framed by a gray fabric for the drapes. The gray fabric is also used on the ottoman in the room, which really ties the entire room together. The keeping room in this home is just a fantastic place to sit down and relax. And it's just a casual environment that's just the perfect place to end the day.
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