Davidson Gap Artistic Features

Designer, Traci Kearns, explains the thought behind the art in this home.


Two of the really special pieces of artwork in the Davidson Gap House are in the foyer area and in the living room space. These are two very strong paintings. One by Wendy Whitson and one by Karen Weiss. The one by Karen really started the inspiration for the living room. We knew that we had a very subtle color palette on the walls and in the furnishings. And we really wanted to have this pop of color [MUSIC] On the artwork over the mantel. One thing that we did in the living room. Over the mantel with Karen Weiss' painting is actually just lean it against the fireplace. That way, it allows for the homeowner to move the painting. They can sort of slide it from side to side. And it really allows for versatility. And also, I think just a little bit of a less formal feeling. The other painting by Windy Watson which is the large painting in the foyer is just a breathtaking piece. It again speaks to the landscape of this area. We selected that piece really early on in our design process and it was definitely the, the guiding light for the color pallets in the dining area and in the kitchen. The tableware was created by a local artist by the name of Michael Hoffman, and what we did was give him an image of Wendy Whitson's painting. And he created these six beautiful place settings for us that tied back into the color palatte of that room. So, it's important when you're thinking of art to not think about just paintings or sculpture. But to also think about those functional pieces that can have tremendous beauty to them, and also be very practical. So, artwork is a really important component of design. And it can really help guide you in the right direction. [MUSIC]
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