[MUSIC] In this room, we started with an iron bed, and that really anchors the room, and is centered in the room. Where we wanted it to have a very Americana kind of feel. You'll definitely see that when you start with the American flag over the bed. [MUSIC] We used the blue and white ticking stripe bedding mixed with the plaid and the striped for the drapes. On each side of the bed you'll find a three drawer dark brown dresser, and we did a very symmetrical layout in this room with the two chests on each side of the bed, and then [MUSIC] The very long chest as a coordinating piece on the opposite wall. [MUSIC] We used different pieces of artwork, on one side the map of Georgia and on the other side the classic baseball, which again, really gave the cohesive Americana theme that we had to this room. One the other side of the room, where the large chest is, you'll find a mirror over the chest, which is a great place to get ready in mornings. And also, it reflects the light from the windows. And then we use glass lamps, to, again, give it a sense of light and airyness. We were able to use the existing flooring, so when we used this flooring, we decided to paint the floors. And we, we slashed the blue-gray that really tied the entire color scheme together. And a painted floor as a farm house, aesthetically, we wanted to have that in this home. [MUSIC] On the wall on the side of the bed, you'll find a rubber road crossing sign And we thought that would be a really fun addition to a room that had this Americana theme. This town that we're in, Snoy, has a railroad running right through it so we thought it would be a little fun element just to add. When you walk in the room on thing you'll notice is this great metal white basket that we found at a vintage free market and we thought this was a great piece. To really add some texture to the wall, but not any color, we like to do that in a lot of our white rooms. [MUSIC] When you walk in this bathroom, you really notice the wallpaper which is the hand blocked farmhouse theme wallpaper in navy and white. [MUSIC] That mixed with the black and white tiles floors and the white subway of the shower And the vintage pedestal sink make it a really great space. Because of the windows coming to the top of the sink, we had a really deep, window sill built, which is a great place to be able to sit things while you're getting ready. We found this old vintage mirror and we leaned it in the window. We thought this was a great way to layer the textures in the room.
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