How To Style a Bookcase

Find out how to style a bookcase with these tips from designer Phoebe Howard.


Styling bookcases is tricky. It's important for you to know how many linear feet you have to fill up on that bookcase, so I suggest getting in out measuring it and that could affect your decision of what kind of bookcase is to build or not to build. If I have objects that I'm gonna place in the bookcases, I will place all the objects in there first and try to find balance and then fill in with the books. If you can have a library of just whatever kinds of books that you like to read or interest you, just buy books, buy as many as you can. Go to used book stores. When you're arranging the books in your bookcase, sort them by size. You can stack them up and you may wanna have the big ones in the middle and then it kind of taper out on each shelf, and pull them off forward to the same place so that they're even, so they're not in and out. The neater you can make them, the more successful overall your bookcase arrangement will be.
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