How To Prepare for Last-Minute Guests

Growing up in Charlottesville, Virginia, Interior Designer Bunny Williams learned the art of preparation for drop-in guests. With a stocked bar cart and ready-to-go freezer snacks, she's always ready for friends and family to stop by.


In Charlesville, we lived in the country and everybody's house was sort of on the way to the other family members house. Everybody would just often drop in. Nobody drops in today but they were prepared for it, they had a house that was ready. So you could just be going down the road and say, oh I think I'll just drop in and have a visit and see how they are and you were welcomed. [MUSIC] I'm Bunny Williams. I am the interior designer for the 2015 Southern Living Idea House. You've got cans of Virginia peanuts in your pantry, Virginia peanuts are the very best. I buy them here in New York. I put them in, a couple cans always. You have a well stocked Bar. It's set up, there are a couple cans of tonic, soda, alcoholic beverages, there are diet Cokes, and there's a little tray with a few glasses, and all I have to do is bring in an ice bucket. It makes them feel comfortable right away. If you have to go run around back to the pantry people are gonna say, oh don't bother. So it's going to make the drop in more awkward. There are a couple recipes that I have that I always keep in the freezer. I have a wonderful recipe where you take a green olive and you make a cheese, flour and cheese Cheese mixture, and you cover the olive in it and you put those in the freezer. So if somebody drops in you can put 12 on an oven and heat them up and have these wonderful little horderves in two seconds. If you're prepared then if it happens it won't be awkward. And if you're prepared and people drop in you get a reputation for it, and then more people drop in and it's really fun. [MUSIC]
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