How To Make the Perfect Bed

See how to make the perfect bed with these decorating strategies from designer Phoebe Howard.


Elizabeth is back. I wanted the beds to be comfortable, a little bit on the feminine side, and this is how I typically like to make up a bed. I'd like to have at least a 14-inch fold back of the top sheet. I like to have four standard pillows in the back for sleeping pillows. I like to have two Euros in front that match the coverlet. On a king bed, I will use three Euros, but on a queen bed here, I will use two Euros and then two decorative pillows in front of the Euros, 22 by 22 preferably. These, I've used a stripe fabric from Elizabeth Hamilton that I've sewn into a square, which I think makes a real strikey composition, and if I put up the bed, I would typically fold a down comforter or some sort of a blanket or a throw. And here, I've just used sort of a chunky cable-knit throw, which I think is lovely here. I've tucked this-- the coverlet into the side rails that you could live without or tuck it in, whichever is easier. I think it's kind of easy just to tuck it in to the side rails, easier to make up the bed.
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