How To Hang Café Curtains

See how to hang café curtains with a custom touch by following these tips from Editor Lindsay Bierman.


[MUSIC] I love the cafe curtains in this dining room. And it's a great solution for any space where you don't wanna cover up the windows entirely, but you really wanna soften the space. One huge advantage of curtains, like this, very much like Roman shades, it's a lot less fabric so they're not gonna cost you as much. When you're measuring, you wanna cover the entire bottom sash and the placement of your rod will be dictated by that. Make sure that the fabric doesn't touch the sill and allow for a little bit of sagging over time. So just maybe just a smidge above the window sill line is all you need. To pleat or not to pleat, it's a question of personal preference and budget. You need more fabric in order to have pleats. If you're going to do pleats, I say keep them really simple and do the classic pinch pleat, like this one, where it's literally just pinched at the top. A nice touch is to have it sewn directly onto the ring. That's gonna make it hang better and it just gives it that nice custom touch. [MUSIC]
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