Hanging Art in a Room

Learn how to hang art in a room with variety and texture by using these strategies from designer Phoebe Howard.


Something that people ask me all the time is if you're hanging prints on the wall and you have lamps there, is it okay for the lamps to sit in front of the prints? The answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no. So what I've done in this instance is hung the pictures sort of in a cross formation: two up and then two across, and that way you could have the lamps and the pictures-they don't conflict with one another. And then on the sidewall, I've got these two framed textile, which I thought we were very pretty. I like to strike the right balance when hanging art in a room. So I've got a painting. I've got four dog prints behind glass and then I've got the framed textiles. That way, I have the texture. I have differences and everything complements one another without all being the same.
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