Enhance Lighting with Dimmers

Learn how to enhance your lighting with dimmers with this tip from designer Phoebe Howard.


[MUSIC]. Most people think about dimmers only in a dining room. But I think it's important to have dimmers in every room. I think if you have three or four sources of light, you're gonna wanna turn it up and turn it down. And get the light just right. If you're watching a movie, for instance, this is something my husband and I, go back and forth about all the time. I really want the light about half way, he wants it all the way down. I think you should have that option. [MUSIC] Dimmers are specially important in the kitchen. One thing that most people don't think about is that when you come down at five O'clock in the morning you just barely want to turn on a little bit of light. You don;t wanna have very much on, just slightly above a nightlight so you can crawl yourself over to a coffee pot or whatever. But then when you're working and you're cooking you need bright light. You need to have great task lighting so it's there when you need it and it's not there when you don't want it. [MUSIC]
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