Dressing a Row of Windows

Learn the easiest ways to dress a row of windows by following these tips from Editor Lindsay Bierman.


[MUSIC] Whenever you have a row of windows, you have two options for dressing them. The first, is to do a curtain rod all the way across the wall. So you have a series of panels hanging to the floor. The second is to do a series of Roman shades on a single head rail like these above the [UNKNOWN]. In a master bedroom like this the way you decide, is to use curtain panels in a space where you don't have any furniture in the way, so you can open them and close them as you need to. Above the bed, it's much easier to open and close a shade than try to get a curtain panel behind the bed or behind the side table. Roman shades are one of the versatile window treatment you can use. One of the big advantages of them, is that it requires a lot less fabric so they don't coast as much as draperies. These are what you call a relaxed hem and so they have a nice swag to them that really relaxes the space. And it softens all of these horizontal lines and edges in the room. In the bunky, we went with a cleaner more tailored look with a strait hem. Because there was already so much pattern in the room, and it did not need any softening around the edges. And it's totally fine to mix curtains and Roman shades in the same room, as long as they're in the same fabric.
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