How To Clean Curtains

We know that you put a lot of thought into choosing your elegant window treatments. But, do you put as much thought into how to clean them? Senior Homes Editor Zoë Gowen explains how easy it is to keep your curtains looking fresh and clean.


We all know that windows are a rooms architectural highlights, and you should really enhance those with some beautiful curtains. Chances are you've already done this and you put a lot of time and effort into having those window treatments made. However I'd make a sure bet that you haven't thought much about how to clean those same window treatments. But here are some really easy cleaning tips. So once a week, just like you would dust your dining room table, you should also dust your curtains. If your curtains have a helmet or a valence, start at the top and then just dust your way all the way to the ground. Every few months, though, you should be prepared to do a little bit more heavy duty cleaning. Using the soft brush that comes with your vacuum Adjust your vacuum to a low setting. Slowly work the vacuum hose from the top to the bottom. As you're vacuuming the curtains, be sure to avoid any fringe or other delicate trim. Just this little bit of effort will make your fine curtains really look their best. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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