How To Clean Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher block is one of our favorite surfaces for the kitchen. The sturdy wooden finish is affordable and practical – you have a built-in cutting board. Find out how easy it is to clean and sanitize your butcher block countertops from Southern Living's Senior Homes Editor, Zoë Gowen.


When you're picking out countertops it can be overwhelming. Every countertop has a whole list of different reasons why you should choose it. But I think butcher block is really one of the best. Number one, it's actually one of the most affordable. In addition, there's no cutting board required. You can cut right on it. And keeping them clean really doesn't require any hard To find items. You can repurpose a lot of what you already have. A lot of times you'll have stubborn stuck on food, no big deal just borrow a spatula from your drawer and gently scrape the food off the counter. But be careful not to scratch too hard or you'll leave a dent in your butcher block. Then using your dish soap and some warm water just wipe away the rest of the stain. After that, using a damp cloth, wipe away any remaining soap residue. You're not done yet. You still need to make sure that your butcher block is sanitized. Using a simple mixture of one part white vinegar to one part water. Spray down the surface and then wipe it clean with another damp cloth. [MUSIC] Once you've cleaned and sanitized, make sure to dry the area with a clean cloth. And there you have it, a countertop and a cutting block, in one, for years to come. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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