[MUSIC] This house is certainly inspired by New York brownstones, but we've added tall ceilings. Great big windows, the great porches. Features that make it right at home in the South. And one of the great things about this particular brownstone is that it's on the end. So you have three sides of light. All the colors throughout the home Primarily were inspired by the landscape of Senoia. It has a very Southern feel to it. Once you enter the foyer, you can turn to your right into the formal living room. It has two large windows facing the front of the house. It also has a pair of French doors that open to the side porch. [MUSIC] The colors in the room are the really beautiful blues and greens that was inspired by the landscape in the area. I really made a conscious effort about choosing not to put window treatments in the kitchen. [MUSIC] The window treatments really would have been pure adornment and something that I think would have really taken away from the simplicity of the space. What I love most about the master bedroom is, it turned out exactly the way I wanted. It's relaxing, it's comfortable, it's elegant and it's a place you want to not leave until you have to. [MUSIC] I really do think bathrooms need softening. And one of the best ways to be able to do that is with a rug. It really just takes that hard edge off of a room that is primarily hard surfaces. [MUSIC] One of my beliefs in interior design is that children's rooms should be very personalized to the child. So, in the second bedroom, I chose to do some really bright, fun colors. And I think it's a place that a lot of little girls are gonna go home and want their moms to do the same thing for them. In the nursery, the theme of the room is zoo animals. All the colors are primary oranges and greens and blues. It, it just is really, a room you just go into and smile. I wanted the family room to have a very casual, somewhat folk artsy feel to it and use a lot of natural materials in the design elements. This room is really a multipurpose space, it's all, all-weather upholstery so it's super durable, easy cleanup, definitely designed for kids. As you go from the third floor landing up to the fourth floor, we have what I refer to as the lounge area. I definitely wanted this room to have a men's club room feel, and I think one of the ways of achieving that was using a lot of wood finishes as well as mixing in textures. It's a very casual home, but designed for entertaining and really spending time outside here, which is one of the best things about this part of our country. It's absolutely a gorgeous home, but it's not untouchable. It's comfortable, it's liveable. It's quietly elegant, and I think that, that's a good term for this whole house. [MUSIC]
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