2010 Idea House: Georgia Sneak Peek

Enjoy a quick preview of the design and features from our 2010 Abercorn Place Idea House in Senoia, Georgia.


[MUSIC] As you walk in the main hall from the front door. You really feel like, wow, I'm, I'm in. I'm in an old brownstone. [MUSIC] One of the great things about this particular brownstone, is that it's on the end. So, you have three sides of light. All the colors throughout the home primarily were inspired by the landscape of [UNKNOWN]. The rolling hills, country rural landscapes, rolled bales of hay that you pass by every day when you're coming here. It has a very southern feel to it. This house is certainly inspired by New York brownstone. But we've added tall ceilings, great big windows. The great porchs' features, that make it right at home in the South. It's absolutely a gorgeous home, but it's not untouchable. It's comfortable, it's livable. It's quietly elegant. And I think that, that's a good term for this whole house.
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