Abercorn Place Scullery

Tour the scullery of the 2010 Georgia Idea House.


[MUSIC] As you'll notice in the kitchen area proper, there's not a refrigerator. It's actually been concealed in a space adjacent to the kitchen called the scullery. Scullery hearkens back to a time when people started bringing kitchens into the home. They still did a lot of the meal preparations outdoors, but they would need a space in the house to do cleanup. So the scullery evolved into the modern day pantry. You can shut this room away with pocket doors, but then also while while you are preparing food or getting ready for a party, you have the pocket doors open And you have your traditional working triangle with the prep sink in the island, the range, and then the refrigerator is right there as you enter the scullery area. Then next to that is a microwave that's built into a tall cabinet. And then the counter tops are the quartz material with another under-mounted sink. Another thing that I chose to do in this room is to take the cabinetry that is in this room from floor to ceiling. Giving it that feeling of an old world pantry space. Open shelving in the room shows the really nice collection of stemware. I chose to tile the wall in a running bond brick pattern, but instead of using a tyical white grout I chose to use a sage green that really makes the tile pop. The crown moulding in the room is painted the trim color. The scullery is really lit beautifully with natural light. There's a large window in there. [MUSIC] I have a great collection of rolling pins. I don't know anybody that would ever use eight rolling pins, but it really makes a statement and I think it's a charming collection. It's a really functional space and really exists in making the kitchen work well as a living space. And moving so much more of the working space into the scullery area.
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