Abercorn Place House Plans

Learn about the architecture of the Abercorn Place Idea House.


[MUSIC] I'm Jim Strickland. I am the senior partner at Historical Concepts, an architectural and planning and place making firm. I think we do special houses. We do special plans. We do special communities. And those things put a skip in our step. This is called the Gin Property here in Senoia. And it was originally a site of one of the old cotton gins that made this area very profitable back in the late 1800s. [MUSIC] There's a lot of things that go into creating a place. It's magical. You start off with a small drawing and then all of a sudden it becomes this real building that you walk through and it's the metamorphosis of this butterfly. Southern Living is one of the main players in the residential architecture I would think in the country. And the people of Southern Living have always brought great things to the table and we certainly have enjoyed doing the houses that they have asked us to do. [MUSIC] Anytime you see something come together in this short a period of time it usually has a lot to do with teamwork and we're very happy to be a part of the Southern Living team.
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