Abercorn Place Nursery Tour

Tour the nursery of the 2010 Georgia Idea House.


[MUSIC] In choosing to design the children's rooms. I, really, wanted to make them spaces that seem very personable to the child. In the nursery the theme of the room is. [MUSIC] Zoo animals. I had a really great, local artist who just knew exactly what to do. He took the giraffe, and not only painted the giraffe to the ceiling, but took his neck and shoulders across the ceiling. He painted life-sized elephants. All the colors are primary oranges and greens and blues. It, it just is really a room you just go into and smile. It definitely needs to be a room that when your child needs to sleep that you can block out all the light, so I chose to do Roman shades. [MUSIC] There's a large shag rug on the floor with a upholstered ottoman in the center of the room. The room does have a really oversized tufted chair. The girl that did this chair for me created these wonderful little flower buttons on, in the tufting that really give it a lot of style. Keeping with my esthetic though of always wanting at least one antique piece in a room. I actually do have a stickly rocker that I brought into the room and was able to give a very traditional piece of furniture a much more youthful and fun look. [MUSIC] A really fun element in the nursery also is the light fixture. It's a really overscaled rittan shade that really is unique for a nursery. It can be dimmed and it's a, really creates a, a kind of a warm light in the room. [MUSIC] The room just really has a, a sense of whimsy, and, and just a fun place, I think, for a kid to grow up in.
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