Abercorn Place Master Bedroom Tour

Tour the master bedroom of the 2010 Georgia Idea House.


[MUSIC] I really wanted the master bedroom to have a feeling of a really serene color palette. So in here I chose to do. The wall color just one shade lighter than the trim color. So it's not a real striking contrast. I did use the really pale blue and a high gloss finish again on the ceiling in here. The floors are a beautiful antique hard pine that I then overlaid with a gorgeous wool and silk rug that incorporates the pale blues and soft greens and a lot of the khaki colors that I incorporated in the master bedroom. The focal point of the room is an overbed treatment. It is a really beautiful, overscaled floral pattern on the exterior, with a checked pattern on the interior, and it just has a real sense of warmth and comfort. There's an abundance of really great oversized pillows. And I actually have a quilt made by a local artist here in the area. Inside the overbed treatment, I had two adjustable wall sconces installed so that you know, if you wanna stay up late and read a book and not disturb your partner, you can have your own little reading light. It also does help give a little extra layer of lighting in the room There's a beautiful linen blue duvet folded at the foot of the bed. I don't want the bedding to have the feeling that it just came out of a box. I mean, I like the idea of it being mixed and collected. I was able to put a seating area across from the bed with a camel back sofa and a skirted side table. And to again make the room feel a little more casual, I did use a rataan and bamboo table as the cocktail table. There is an absolutely stunning antique secretary that I have between the large windows that look out the back of the house. And it's a great place to display your favorite dishes and books and things that you can bring into the bedroom. Again, give it a feeling of, you know, living space, not just simply just as a bedroom. The window treatments flanking the secretary are the same fabric that I used on the overbed treatment. I did add a tassel trim to them to give it a little bit of a feminine touch. I don't want the room to be overly masculine, and I don't want it to be overly feminine. I mean, that room that can be comfortable just enough for a man as it would be for a woman. To really anchor the room in terms of how I love symmetry, I have a matched pair of chests on the other side of the bed, with a matching pair of concrete urn lamps. There's some beautiful artwork by a local artist here as well as a family's photos and things are framed and collected throughout the room. A really interesting feature of this room is the center chandelier. It's a really beautiful iron and glass fixture. It's actually glass on all four sides and the bottom and it casts really beautiful light in the room and the finish on it is really incredible. It's a, a slightly patinad, all, almost rusty finish. So it is a new fixture, but it really does appear that it's weathered the test of time. As you leave the bedroom and you're going towards the master bath, there's a really great hallway. But instead of just being a hallway to the closet in the master bedroom we chose to do floor to ceiling built in cabinetry. They're painted the same color as the trim, a realy pale khaki color with beautiful oil rubbed bronze. And glass knobs that give new cabinetry a little sense of age and a little sparkle. To the right is a large walk-in closet with a custom storage elements in there. Everything from shoes, to ties to belts. There is plenty of room for a couple to house a spring, summer, winter, fall wardrobe. What I love most about the master bedroom is it turned out exactly the way I wanted it. When you walk in this room, it's relaxing, it's comfortable, it's elegant and it's a place you want to not leave until you have to.
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