Abercorn Place Master Bath Tour

Tour the master bath of the 2010 Georgia Idea House.


[MUSIC] When you leave the hallway, the flooring does transition into the master bathroom to a tile. And it is a honed and distressed marble. That has got beiges and browns and off-white color palette to it. It's a really nice warm tile. The cabinetry in this room, we designed to be definitely like furniture. It's separated from the walls. It's on feet with the satin-nickle caster feet. It has additional cabinet storage above the countertops for small items. And one of the things I like most about these, these bathroom cabinets, is the turn latches that I used on the doors underneath the sink. They're one of my favorite things to use. Cuz they were used so often at the turn of the century. I think they're just a really classic and timeless detail. Instead of doing a typical stone back splash, we used wood. And it really has a feeling of an older furniture piece. The bathtub in the room is actually a freestanding pedestal tub. I've had clients in the past when we've used them, complain that there's not an surface area around them. To actually put their shampoos, or soaps or things like that. So in this design, I incorporated a shelf behind the tub. And it has a little bit of storage underneath it to the left and the right. I did the same window treatments in the master bathroom, as I did in the hallway. They're simple cafe curtains for just enough privacy. But really doesn't obstruct the views at all. The shower is floor to ceiling stone. And several different patterns, that again gives us space. It sometimes can be left unadorned. Some architectural detail. One of the most beautiful features of the master bathroom, are a pair of light fixtures. They're reminiscent of antique light fixtures like a bell jar. They're actually referred to as an apothecary light. And they just have a really nice shape to them. I really do think bathrooms need softening. And one of the best ways to be able to do that is with a rug. I chose a really beautiful sage green rug, to give it a little pop of color to the room. And it really just takes that hard edge off of a room, that is primarily hard surfaces. I use an antique Chippendale armchair. And have the seat upholstered using a towel. It's a blue, terrycloth towel, and we just simply covered the seat to give it again, a little more casual feel. But that antique piece in there I think just really gives character to the room. And it's a perfect place to set your robe, or a towel, next to a tub. And really be able to sit back and relax. In, what I think, is a very elegant but spa-like bathroom.
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