Abercorn Place Lounge and Grill Patio Tour

Tour the lounge and grill patio of the 2010 Georgia Idea House.


[MUSIC] As you go from the third floor landing up to the fourth floor, we have what I refer to as the lounge area. It's definitely inspired by more of a club room feel. The walls are painted in a really deep, rich green with wonderful tufted linen Chesterfield sofa. There's also a over-sized leather wing back chair. There's actually a buffet set up against the stair rail at the top of the landing. There's also a wet bar that has a ice machine, a refrigerator, and a wine cooler all concealed behind custom panels. And in this space I chose to use concrete countertops just to give it a little bit more of a rustic feel, and then the raised bar area is actually made out of distressed walnut. I used an old barrister's cabinet on the wall for wall cabinet storage for all the wine glasses. Some really unique details that I ran through the space is the theme of wine. There's actually a piece of furniture that is called a museum crate, and it's a reproduction of what old antiquities would be shipped from museum to museum in, and it's a really different piece. Another really beautiful thing about this room is there is a wine storage cabinet designed to house dozens of bottles of wine, as well as it's got shallow shelving above to store smaller dishes and platters that you may use for decorative purposes, or, you know, my intention would be that they'd actually would come down and be used while you're entertaining your guests. To tie the whole room together, I chose to have a custom made, over scaled, sea grass rug laid out over the entire room, but then I'd overlay that with a Soumak style rug to create a kind of separated seating area within the overall space. Art in this room is also very important. I wanted in the stairwell as you came up to the fourth floor to create what I call a salon wall. So it's a collection of reproduction pieces, along with three original pieces. Again, this room being designed for entertaining, it's the kind of space that you could come up here and you may want to watch a game. So, instead of just having a plain old flat screen TV mounted on the wall, we actually have a custom frame made for it. When you are watching TV, it doesn't obstruct the view, and it would really look like a piece of art. I definitely wanted this room to have a men's club room feel, and I think one of the ways of achieving that was using a lot of wood finishes as well as mixing in burlaps. The texture of the sea grass, there is leather, but with an entire wall of windows, it has brightness. On the northern side of the lounge, french doors in the center open up to a brick terraced patio, that has room for two cafe tables and seating for 6, and a really fantastic grill area. It's actually a custom designed cabinet made for a Green Egg, and the material that this cabin is made of is very interesting. It's actually PVC. You would never know it was not wood. On a really sunny day or a really rainy day, there's actually an awning that is automated that can roll out over the area and the entire patio is covered. And then if you want to enjoy a night of the evening stars you can roll the awning back and have a really great view of downtown Samoy skyline
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