Abercorn Place Living Room Tour

Tour the living room of the 2010 Georgia Idea House.


[MUSIC] Once you enter the foyer, you can turn to your right into the formal living room. It is filled with light. It has two large windows facing the front of the house. It also has a pair of french doors that open to the side porch. The colors in the room are the really beautiful blues and greens. The room was set up with a pair of sofas flanking each other. [MUSIC] I chose this sea grass rug to go on the floor because I wanted to take a formal space and make it feel a little more casual. There are also 2 beautiful upholstered window seats between a wall of books and so it's a great place to crawl up on a you know, rainy day or cool day with maybe a cup of coffee and Read a book. The bookcases definitely give the living room also somewhat of a library feel, and I wanted to extend that with a small, 30-inch round table, and then I tucked a Chinese garden stool under that table. This room was a bit of a challenge in terms of creating a focal point. And I really wanted to have a fireplace in this room, but it was, I didn't want the fireplace to step into this space, so I came up with a plan to do a faux fireplace. We got a reclaimed mantle. We had a slight surround and hearth put in. And then, in the center of the manacle, is actually a oak tree. And in my mind, it's kind of the logo for Evercorn Place. And then above the mantle is a gorgeous plain air painting by a local artist, traditionally framed, in a guilded frame. [MUSIC] The lining is designed after gas-to-electric conversion fixtures. But instead of choosing to put a single light fixture in the middle of the room, I chose actually to do four, smaller fixtures, and each equally spaced in the corners of the room. Just something a little different instead of the traditional center Your light fixture. The window treatments in the room are actually the same cream and blue damask pattern that is on the wallpaper in the foyer. That really helps tie the 2 spaces together. I'm really pleased with how the living room turned out. To me it emulates a sense of understated elegance.
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