Hemlock Springs Front Entry & Living Room Tour

Tour the front entry and living room of the 2009 Georgia Idea House with designer Mallory Mathison.


[MUSIC] When you first walk in the house, you come in and you're in a sort of cozy cocoon like feeling entry and then all of a sudden it just expands up and your eyes circle around and you're in this surprisingly large Yet cozy place. I think the main focal point of this living room are the high back chairs. This is one place where we really can go up with our furniture. These chairs really carry the whole room the fabric was the first fabric we selected for the entire house. Every color that's in that fabric is repeated again somewhere in the room. When you walk in the space we've got custom paneling and then have inset in the panels, a really beautiful taupe grass cloth. Which provides a lot of texture and warmth right at eye level. And then as your eye goes up we've painted the walls the same color. So the textures are different but the color is the same. We found a lovely white-washed hardwood that I just fell in love with, and so we decided we would, we would put it up on the ceiling. And it really creates a cocoon of color all the way around. It shows off the beams that are painted the trim color in white. We have built-in shelving on one wall of the living room. And on the other wall we wanted to use some closed in pieces that really sort of anchored the fireplace. And one thing that we came up with is this wonderful diamond applied molding to flat panel doors, and really is an easy custom way to create a completely one of a kind look. And I love to paint bookshelves a contrasting color, or just, it it makes it have its own special entity, and depending on what you put in the bookshelf, it can really make things pop. A really light aqua blue looks beautiful behind a traditional blue and white porcelain. The rug that we used in the living room is a Dhurrie rug. It's a flat weave wool, and it's got a trellis pattern on it. Light blue, an ivory trellis. It feels fresh and light. We really tried to showcase mixing finishes in this house. Our cocktail table has a beautiful stone top, and then underneath it is a very matte gold treated metal. We have a pair of scones that are black toed with aged brass trim. We have a beautiful aged brass chandelier. And we also have sconces on the mantle that have a french work design with a mirror backing, that are aged brass. It's warm but also has a update feel to it.
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