Abercorn Place Kitchen Tour

Tour the kitchen of the 2010 Georgia Idea House.


[MUSIC] In the kitchen I, I wanted to create a focal point. And then the this was done by building a beautiful custom mantel, hood over the range. [SOUND] It's designed with vertical butt jointed boards, giving it a really grand sense of scale. Because the hood was so great looking I didn't want to over appoint it but I imagine the family living hair has horses, so I thought this was a great place to mount a horse head over the mantle. The mantle hood is also painted the same color as the trim. So as to blend in somewhat with the overall neutral palette of the room. Because the cabinetry we chose is in a darker stained finish. So it grounds the room and really gives some visual weight to the room. All the base cabinets are drawers. They're really convenient. Everything is right at your finger tips. On the wood countertops I chose to appoint that with, essentially an indoor herb garden. The kitchen is on the second story of the home so to come and go to your herb garden would not be as easily as convenient, so why not bring the herbs inside. I also have an antique dish rack that, you know, can have your every day dishes stacked on. I think if something's beautiful, why not see it? Not everything has to be behind cabinet doors. And then in the island, I've got a dishwasher that we have had paneled and concealed to look like the cabinetry, I definitely believe in using mixed materials for your countertops. I think it serves more purpose and also just gives more interest to the space. On the island I chose to use a quartz material, that's not just on the countertop itself, but also it runs down the sides. And, it gives the island somewhat of a furniture feel so that I could back up a breakfast table to it and really extend the eating area, as well as the food preparation area. The breakfast table has three stools that are really multi-purpose. They're covered in this umbrella fabric, which makes them super durable, very easy to clean, and they are easily movable around and they have hidden storage. [MUSIC] There are two Windsor chairs that I had hand painted and distressed just a little bit, again, in that pale blue color to pull that color into the room. As you'll notice, in the kitchen area proper, there is not a refrigerator. It's actually been concealed in a space adjacent to the kitchen called the scullery. [MUSIC] You can shut this room away with pocket doors, but then also while you are preparing food or getting ready for a party, you have the pocket doors open and you have your traditional working triangle with the prep sink in the island, the range, and then the refrigerator is right there as you enter the scullery area. By doing this, I think you can really achieve a beautiful, gracious kitchen with a homey, lived in kind of a feel.
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