Hemlock Springs Kitchen Tour

Tour the kitchen of the 2009 Georgia Idea House with designer Mallory Mathison.


[MUSIC] When you walk in the kitchen, we really wanted to show a combination of stained wood and painted wood, a combination of different counter-top materials, and different work surfaces throughout the kitchen, for different things. [MUSIC] You have a beautiful butcher bought top, on an island, it's made to look like a piece of furniture. A range area, that has got a gorgeous custom hood with [INAUDIBLE] on each side. A piece of furniture, that is really set up like a bar with an ice maker, and a miniature refrigerator, a little bar sink. [MUSIC] A piece of furniture between the dining room and kitchen, that can serve as storage and as a display, in serving from both sides. You have an area, that is sort of niched out into a little alcove, that is your, your sink area. One thing about this kitchen that really grounds it, is the symmetry that you feel, between the refrigerator, and what we're calling, the Morning bar. In our Morning bar/pantry, we have glass shelves, mirror behind it. A place for coffee maker, a place for a toaster. And then we have food storage, down below. The microwave drawer is really implemented in this kitchen, with the ease of use in mind. This is something that is so easy to just pull out, and the food goes directly in. And it's not an eyesore, as it would be, if it was above, in the upper cabinets. One thing about this kitchen that I love are the, the countertops, using the marble and the honed finish, then running it up is the back splash, in one solid piece. Really is a very streamlined, almost contemporary method that we've used in a very traditional kitchen, and it really lets the marble speak for itself. The fabric that's used on the window treatment in the kitchen, is called Le Touche and it's a little unexpected twist of, a non-traditional animal print. [MUSIC] We've used some pendant lights, that have pleated linen shades. This really shows that you can bring fabric shades into a kitchen, and it adds such a sense of, of warmth. [MUSIC] It's all about using unexpected elements putting something in a place where it's not supposed to be, sometimes can create the best design. [MUSIC] Another great aspect to this house, is the grilling court, just off of the kitchen. Open the retractable door to the kitchen, the whole wall practically disappears, and you have an area, perfect for grilling, serving hors d'oeuvres, and really, a way to bring the kitchen indoors and out. [MUSIC]
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