Abercorn Place Girl's Room Tour

Tour the girl's room of the 2010 Georgia Idea House.


[MUSIC] One of my beliefs in interior design is that children's rooms should be very personalized to the child. So in the second bedroom, I took another departure from the overall aesthetic of the house and chose to do some really bright, fun colors. The little girl I imagine in this room loves horses, and she loves playing outside, and she loves color. She's like a little Bohemian chic girl. The walls are painted a really pale green with blue trim. The furnishings are all a bright white. The bed is a really clean, simple, contemporary canopy bed, that I used a striped fabric in blues and greens and then it's trimmed out in pinks and magentas and orange, to create a backdrop for the bed. All the pillows and the bedding are mismatched and collected and very calico quilt kind of a feel. All of the window treatments are the same fabric again. They're Roman shades in a stripe fabric with really great trim details on them. Next to the bed, there's an oversized night stand. It's in a distressed pale painted blue color, and it serves a double purpose. It acts as a nightstand, but also it's a desk area for my little girl to do her homework at. Instead of your traditional chair it has actually a bright green porcelain garden stool that you can pull up to and do your homework. The carpet in the room is one of the most fun things. It's a bright shag green carpet. The room is designed to have the feeling of being almost garden-like. I had an artist come in and paint butterflies of all kinds of sizes from like, two feet to two inches, all throughout the room. Coincidentally when we design the window treatments, we created these button features that really look almost like a flower bloom. And it's actually like the butterflies are dancing around the flower blooms on the window treatments. There's also a really great dressing table. It's all bright white, more of a contemporary feel to it, very clean lines. And it has a glass top where we've done a collection of all the popular stars that little girls are into these days. It has a wonderful little stool that's made out of a paper mache, in a trellis pattern. In the corner of the room is probably my favorite feature of the room. It's this very unusual chair. It was one of those rare finds and it's a pretty old chair as well. And what I decided to do with that is, we painted the wood exposed legs bright orange, and then we upholstered the chair with almost a 60s splash pattern floral print with a fringe trim on all the welt areas. Next to that is a metal floor lamp, and it's pink on pink stripes with a pink metal shade, and these great little flower blooms. It's a really special room. And I think it's a, a place that just makes you feel happy.
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