Abercorn Place Family Room Tour

Tour the family room of the 2010 Georgia Idea House.


[MUSIC] From the mud room. You can enter through one of two doors into the family room. [MUSIC] One of the most interesting things about this space, when you walk in, is that we used new barn doors. For doors down here as opposed to just doing regular pocket doors, and it's just really makes a great visual statement. [MUSIC] This room is really a multipurpose space designed to sit down and, you know, be able to throw your feet up on all the furniture down here. It's all, all weather upholstery so it's super durable, easy clean up, definitely designed for kids. [MUSIC] And in the center actually has a desk area for kids to do homework at. [MUSIC] Above that is a cork board, set up like a calendar that you can change every month. So, you can schedule the kids school projects and birthday parties and all those kinds of things that, you know, busy families trying to keep up with. [MUSIC] To the left and the right of the desk area are two beautiful windows, that let in a lot of natural light. It really creates a space that is really bright, livable and you don't feel that you're in somewhere of the basement-type area. [MUSIC] One of the most stunning pieces in the room is an antique heart pine armoire. It's made from an old American ship. They had founded in Amsterdam and they dismantled the ship and would make furniture out of it. [MUSIC] I wanted the family room to have a very casual, somewhat folk-artsy feel to it and use a lot of natural materials in the design element. So, one of the first pieces that I selected that was a definite inspiration for this room was a circular light fixture. It's actually made out of tree trunks that are cut and carved into a ring and then supported by ropes. And then, there are bulbs are installed into the top of the ring. And it just makes for really more sculptural light fixture. [MUSIC] An other really interesting thing is a collection of handmade birdhouses, that some local artists here made. And again, it's all from found wood in the Sonoy area. All the parts and pieces on it are old hinges or door knobs. [MUSIC] And then the same artists made the cocktail table, and I had it custom designed. So that I could have four ottoman stools, upholstered underneath. That can be pulled out for kids to sit on or they can be tucked underneath, beneath and be out of the way. [MUSIC] The window treatments are again an all weather fabric and a horizontal stripe. And they're simple panels. Primarily just to soften the room. Because of the brick floor, and the wooden walls, I did wanna bring some fabric down here. [MUSIC] We chose not to put a rug in this room, because the brick floors were just so beautiful. Once everything was set we realized it really, was better spaced just keeping the brick flooring. [MUSIC] And an other thing that I was able to do down here was, incorporate these great end tables and outside of the sofa. That have an open shelf below with these fantastic old wire baskets. That are lined with canvas bags and they're perfect for storing, you know, extra blankets, pillows or things like that, that you might wanna have in a family room. [MUSIC] Both of the lamps flanking the sofa are reproduction milk jugs. [MUSIC] There are a pair of French doors down here, that I had painted in a, a contrasting blue color. That open up into a covered terrace where there is a bed swing. And it's a wonderful place to transition from the garden area up in the courtyard, back into the house. Nowhere does it bottleneck. You can get from, one end of this house to the other easily. It's perfect for parties and being over here, you know, have the doors open and come and go from the garden area to a. Wonderful covered cool porch into this really comfortable family room.
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