Hemlock Springs Exterior Tour

Tour the exterior of the 2009 Georgia Idea House with designer Mallory Mathison.


[MUSIC] Hemlock Springs is really nestled on the mountaintop in Dahlonega. It's surrounded by the North Virgin Mountains. [MUSIC] The lot is really special. It basically fronts onto two streets. It's really kind of a proud setting. It's not tucked back and hidden. It, it really sort of crests the intersection and the top of the hill. As you walk up, you see the beautiful landscaping that has got a lot of unusual elements to it. We have incorporated a lot of really substantial planters. The colors that we selected for the exterior, really pulling from the north Georgia mountains. The warm taupes and mushroomy greys. To really pull off the vernacular from style standpoint, but not break the budget, we, we really paid a lot of attention to where and how we used stone. So you see that off course on the foundation, and you see it on chimneys, and porch floors, and things like that. But it pretty quickly gives away to the very heavy, rugged, lap siding. It's a great companion, in terms of the, the rugged meter. It's, it fits right in there with the stone. [MUSIC] We organized the house with a, a three-car detached, sort of a carriage house in the front. One thing that we loved the, the idea of, was the breezeway that runs from the main house out to the garage. One thing that's, I think, really innovative about this area is the lighting. It has lights that are inset in the floor that shine up. And I think that it's turned into a really aesthetically pleasing and functional, different way to do lighting on a pathway outside. [MUSIC] The entire back side of the house is covered in porches. Three different levels of beautiful outdoor spaces, that really correspond directly to the rims they come off of. [MUSIC]
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