Hemlock Springs Dining Room Tour

Tour the dining room of the 2009 Georgia Idea House with designer Mallory Mathison.


[MUSIC] The dining room, I think, is such a special part of this house. This house is really designed around entertaining family and friends. I think one of the biggest things about this dining room is that it's open, yet it has a very, very cozy feeling to it. Using an aviary print, printed cotton, ivory and red, it's just very lively and fresh but it still feels very clean, and then we come in with our host and hostess chair which are beautiful red and ivory ikat. One thing that I love in the dining room is the chandelier. I don't want anybody to walk in this house and feel like it's taking itself too seriously. You want to feel like it's fun and fresh and that little, little touch of whimsy, and something as small as a light fixture really radiates throughout the overall feel of the house. The dining table is a trestle table, kind of derived from an old farm house table, and it's a painted finish. And we really wanted to go with a light, fresh feeling. We've anchored the dining room with a sea grass rug. Sea grass is such available, universal material to use in any application. There's no wall in this room that you can have a piece of furniture to store platters or to serve off of, and so that something that we really wanted to incorporate in with the built-in cabinetry, is storage, display and a, a surface to serve off of. This piece, we decided to do sort of a U-shaped glass system, glass front doors and then pain the inside red to really showcase and give a little hit of color to the glassware and pieces of china that are stored inside. We've shown on our tabletop, a collection of different mercury glass birds, and showing them freestanding and then one covered with a cloche just to sort of set it apart. Just an interesting way to do a table versus having one large arrangement in the center. The dining room is about coziness. It's about invoking great conversation, really creating an environment that makes you want to sit and stay.
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