Abercorn Place Craft Room Tour

Tour the craft room of the 2010 Georgia Idea House.


[MUSIC] One of the other amazing things about this brownstone, the way it's designed on this fourth floor, there actually is what could be considered a fourth bedroom, but it's not exactly a large room. So, what I did with this base is I decided to make it a craft room. We have a large square table in the middle of the room with stools and benches around it, so that you can pull up to it and work on your craft or you can actually stand up. It's got plenty of room to lay out all your parts and pieces to scrap booking. It's got all the room to really feel comfortable and go to town with your, your ideas. [MUSIC] I designed the room have large framed cork boards on the walls. I have a space that is all about creativity and spending time maybe with your children, doing art projects or spending time alone. And then, I have the closet appointed with custom cabinetry. Primarily, it's designed to house everything that goes into scrap booking and just have it perfectly organized and right at your fingertips. One of the really great seating elements in this room is a stool that is made to look like an oversized spool of thread. [MUSIC] Another thing about this room that I, to, you know, I did want to tie in somewhat with the lounge area, so I chose another sumac rug in a different pattern but in similar color way and use that the flooring in this room. To mix it up though, I used some more contemporary patterned drapes. [MUSIC] The windows go wall to wall with a beautiful southern view, and it actually overlooks a tiny little bricked-in courtyard that I call my meditation space. The bathroom off of the craft room is a full bath, so when you are entertaining on the fourth floor, it can act as a powder room. [MUSIC] It has a walk in shower, with a over-sized running [INAUDIBLE] subway tiles and a mosaic slate floors. The flooring in the bathroom is again a heavily textured, almost sand blasted slate material with a really great furniture piece vanity. Couple of pieces are really great comtemporary art in this room with miss match frames. A wonderful old arch top mirror with stressed black frame on it. [MUSIC] Some very simple scones with woven rattan shades on them. So again, picking up on the textural feeling of the sea grass and the burlap and the other materials used in the lounge space.
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