Abercorn Place Jack and Jill Bathroom Tour

Tour the Jack and Jill bathroom of the 2010 Georgia Idea House.


After doing two fun little kids' rooms. They actually share a Jack and Jill bathroom. The best thing about the room and the first thing you'll notice, is the flooring. It's actually a custom mosaic tile and so I chose to do three shades of blue and a white. The walls are all wallpapered in a blue and white and green and little pale yellow stripe. And then the counter tops on the vanities are that bright green. So we've got the greens and the blues theme that I have in the rest of the house, but these are all the electric ends of it. The two vanities are separated by a door, that leads you into a small vestibule. To the right is a walk in shower. To the left is a water closet. Outside of the little shower area is another one of those paper-mache stools, but it's a bright orange and it's made to look like a tree stump. And the towels in the room, instead of having them held on a regular towel rod, I put them on hooks because kids aren't gonna be able to get towels up and down and keep them neat on towel rods. So we just have three hooks with these really great towels that have brightly colored fish and stars. For a shared bathroom between a boy and a girl, it does have just enough of the little boy touches and just enough of the little girl touches without either one feeling out of place in, in that room.
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