Hemlock Springs Idea House

Join designer Mallory Mathison and project designer Brandon Ingram for a tour of the 2009 Georgia Idea House.


[MUSIC] I'm Mallory Mathison, the interior designer for the 2009 Southern Living Idea House that's in Achasta, in Dahlonega Georgia. The home, Hemlock Springs, is really nestled on a mountaintop. [MUSIC] It's surround by the North Georgia Mountains. As you walk up, you see the beautiful landscaping. You come in, and you're in a, a sort of cozy, cocoon-like feeling entry, and then all of a sudden it just expands up, and your eye circles around, and you are in this fabulously large, yet cozy place. [MUSIC] The floor plan of this house, Hemlock Springs, is very organic, very free- flowing. The special built-ins that have been incorporated really do define the spaces. This house really takes its color palette from nature. Neutrals, blues and greens are the predominant colors, punctuated with red. [MUSIC] The dining room is about coziness. It's about invoking great conversation, creating an environment that makes you wanna sit and stay. When you walk in the kitchen, we really wanted to show different work surfaces throughout the kitchen for different things. [MUSIC] When you take the stairs up, you're headed up to the retreat, which is one of the gems of this house. The windows connects the retreat to the rest of the house. The master bedroom in Hemlock Springs is really a retreat and a getaway. [MUSIC] Coming into this room, we wanted to downplay the bright colors, and really move into a much softer, serene palette. The guest room, we really wanted to make it feel like its own special little getaway spot. I think the children's room is all about color. I mean, these bright yellow walls, bright blue carpets, it's all about color that is totally saturated, but not overwhelming. On the main level, there's not a single room that doesn't have an adjacent mirror image of itself that's an outdoor space [MUSIC] There are three levels of porches. There are really different porches to incorporate different aspects of, of the lifestyle. This house has such a charming feel. It is all about ease of living, having a good time and getting the most out of life. [MUSIC]
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