Explore the Whisper Creek Cottage

Take a peek at the Whipser Mountain Community.


[MUSIC] I'm Troy Ball. I'm one of the owners and developers of Whisper Mountain. We're located between the Appalachian Trail and Asheville. I believe the idea at Whisper Mountain in general is to bring people back to nature. I think when you listen, it evoked the name Whisper Mountain for Troy. Our touch on the land has always been about being as light as possible. What personally I'm most proud of is the fact that we took the very best land, which is the open meadows, and saved it for the community. In, in all the buildings here, we're encouraging homeowners to build green. To use heritage materials that don't require lots of paint and maintenance. One of the notable features at Whisper Mountain is our spring-fed streams and creeks which come from a large watershed up the mountain. This isn't a tennis court development or a golf development. This is a development that's about building little trails with organic stone benches along the way to create reflective spots. [MUSIC] We have about two miles of trail system. I joke with people, we have cardio medium and cardio heavy. And that's the two type of trails we have. We're in Sky Valley Lodge. Which is a beautiful, old, historic lodge built around 160 year old timber frame barn. In the lodge, we have a, a kitchen that works for parties. There's an exercise room, a sauna, a spa outside overlooking the creek, and an outside fireplace for gathering on a cool evening. We feel like even though we don't have a structure in Whisp, on Whisper Mountain that we we have a place to come and a place to cook and a place to enjoy, which is very nice. [MUSIC] There'll be activities based here. It was for mountain net, our educational activities that explore the streams and creeks. Explore the plant life on the, on the property. [MUSIC] I love the people who are attracted to Whisper Mountain. The most fascinating people have bought property here and plan to build. Whisper Mountain is the place where you can hear yourself think, and that's what I love about being out here.
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