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Take a peek at the Habersham Community.


[MUSIC] I'm Bob Turner, one of the principals with Habersham Land Company. We're developing Habersham. It's a traditional neighborhood in Beaufort, South Carolina, between Charleston and Savannah. [MUSIC] We are developing a mixed-use neighborhood with the town center, and we've got single family homes, we've got flats. It's a neighborhood in which there's several parks common areas along the, the greenways, along the marshes. [MUSIC] I think the design of, of the neighborhood and the architecture is, is beautiful. The architecture of Habersham revisits the traditional building practices of, of the low country. The homes that we build, we like to set ourselves apart with, with really pushing the limit of traditional design while staying within the requirements of the architectural review board here in the neighborhood. [MUSIC] I love living in this neighborhood. It's a great neighborhood. The thing I like the most, is the interaction with all the neighbors. We do have the post office and the fire station. We have a pool and tennis courts. We have a park house where we have meetings. We have a community garden for the people who love to garden. And we have a dock. We have an outdoor river retreat. It's the nice thing about this neighborhood's that you don't cut down trees, unless you absolutely have to, to put your house down. And so, they keep all the beautiful vegitation. And all the Spanish moss hanging off the live oaks. [MUSIC] We tried to develop parks in which it can appeal to all ages, all walks of life. I think the parks in between are, are designed so well. My family and I love to be outside, especially on the water. The dock is right here in our own backyard, so we just pack up all of our lunch or whatever, and we go out to all the Barrier Islands. Which is wonderful. Habersham is special in so many ways. It's very walkable, and pedestrian friendly. There are pocket parks everywhere. And Habersham itself is one of the most beautiful pieces of property that you'll find. We have about 15,000 lineal feet of, of marsh frontage, which looks out over the broad river. It's, it's a beautiful, wonderful place.
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