I would say the essentials of a Southern porch, one is that it does capture air from three sides. I think that's an important element of porch design, if a porch is to stuffy or closed in then I think it just is not going to be comfortable. Often times, as an architect, you will be asked, can you glass in my porch to try to capture space and you realize, you're missing out on, you know, all the things that are great about a porch, that don't involve just even the views. I think it's got to have a fan as much as architects and designers don't like fans. You gotta move the air. So, in the porch, by having the, the U shape it's all under one roof and because of the, the shape of the U, it really breaks it into three spaces, so that if you are dining and somebody else is sitting, you still feel connected. And also with the way that you move through the spaces, that you can sit in the middle, and not be in the way of somebody walking to and from the dock. You know, in that sense, the walking paths can create their own delineation of zones. [MUSIC]
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