Bunny Williams' Design Inspiration

Interior Designer Bunny Williams shares what inspired the color and style of the 2015 Southern Living Idea House.


I feel as if you're an interior designer you get inspired by almost everything you look at. Your eyes are moving constantly. You walk in a room, you take it in as a whole. You notice things that other people don't notice. Because this is what we do for a living. And you get inspired by somebody's clothing sometimes. You go and To Bergdorf's and a fashion designers put these two colors together and you think, isn't that interesting? I'll get inspired by a very contemporary restaurant that I go into New York where they've used some amazing wall finish. Now I'm not doing a restaurant, but I see that wall finish and I think how can I incorporate that into what I'm doing. I think often from inspiration. You have to look at things that sometimes you're not comfortable with You look at things that are beyond what you normally do because that inspires you to be more creative in your own work. [MUSIC]
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