Davidson Gap LEED Certification

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When design is beginning, we start to have meetings that scrutinize every aspect of what's gonna make this house green. So we ensure that we have the right green roadmap moving forward. We took the approach from the very beginning to certify the house. I'd say that the most encompassing certification is the LEED certification. From the US Green Building Council. And that's leadership in energy and environmental design. And that's an all-encompassing green certification. That goes through all the aspects of what makes this house green. And, and quantifies it into a point rating. And then tells us with a number, how green the house is. The four areas that the LEED certification emphasizes. Are indoor air quality, energy efficiency, sustainable site management, and sustainable resource use. So we have a photovoltaic system that's producing electricity. And selling that to the local power company. We have a solar hot water system. Which will provide domestic hot water. And also is a primary forced air heat source for the house. But with energy efficiency, we're also looking at, at what's inside the walls. And what's in the walls. So we have super efficient windows. We also have carried our insulation envelope to the entire exterior of the house. There's nothing inside the walls or the attic, that's not insulated and conditioned. And people can feel good about living in this house. Cuz they'll know that we generated only about 10% of the waste that is typical in a house of this size. But we also look at every material that we use in the house. And we source material as locally as possible, as natural as possible. And that will have the best effect on the product. There are four standards with the LEED certification program. There's just plain old certification. And then there's silver, gold, and platinum. It tells the homeowner that they're gonna have an energy efficient house, that has great indoor air quality. That's more durable and healthier to live in.
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