Davidson Gap Landscape Design

Rodney Porter explains the landscape design for the Davidson Gap house.


[MUSIC] At one point in time Whisper Mountain was farmland. We feel that the surrounding vegetation that you see growing in these woods would be perfect to put in your landscape not only to, to blend yourself into the environment, but also I have to provide a sense of, of place. The landscape material that we use on this property is all native. Plants that are native in a landscape tend to have better hardiness. And with this native material, you tend to let it do its thing. It doesn't require as much water as you might find in, in other environments. What our goal was to do with the, the front of the yard was to create a more naturalized scene where the house would blend in better with the environment as seen from the road. There's a more formal like planting in the back yard with the lawn. Which is where were gonna have a lot of activity with the family and kids. And it, it's important to have a space where you can have some sort of entertainment or gathering space outside. When you're incorporating ornamental plants into a garden, you tend to have a little bit more structure, and you wanna blend those species in with other species of plants. But with a native planting concept, you really can. [MUSIC] Put any sort of shrub in any location that you want. It's that whole mix of, of materials and colors, and textures. That's very important and, and it's a pleasure to see in the natural environment. Beyond everything else. [MUSIC] Using native plants as an ascetic of beauty and as a connection to the natural environment. [MUSIC]
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