Davidson Gap Kitchen

Take a peek at this beautiful room with Interior Designer Traci Kearns.


[MUSIC] The kitchen and the dining room of a really great open floor plan of this house. The idea here in the kitchen is to have a very subtle palate, we're supposed to be very connected to the exterior. And to create a color palette that's very soft, and very organic. On the tile wall of the back splash that runs from the kitchen counter top to the ceiling, is a recycled tile. It is made from 65% recycled glass. And is actually fabricated here in the United States. Another key component of the kitchen is the concrete countertops. We worked with a local artist who used about 95% local aggregates in the concrete countertops. We really wanted an island that was all one level. With seating for a very casual environment. The placement of the appliances, of course, had to be below the countertops since we did not have any upper cabinetry. As you can see, we used cantilevered shelves that would be a really nice display area and also just kinda keep the space very clean and streamlined. As well as tie back into the cabnetry, and the living space as well. We also used all formaldehyde free plywood. So there's no outgassing in our wood products in the kitchen. We did a really soft Roman shade that actually just act as toppers. They sort of soften the space. Make it a little more elegant without interfering with the view to the outside. Dependent lighting is clear glass and we decided to go with this just so that it would incorporate into our very subtle palette. And also not distract your eye from the exterior. [MUSIC]
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