Custom Banquettes

Booths and banquettes aren't just for restaurants and bars. Watch Southern Living's Senior Homes Editor Zoë Gowen explain how decorators are designing custom booths for every space, including Amy Berry's pajama lounge and Amy Gilbreath's foyer in the Southern Living 2016 Idea House.


[MUSIC] You can use a booth or a banquette and basically any space. Decorators have caught on to this idea and they're using booths and banquettes all throughout houses these days. In the 2016 idea house my favorite use of banquettes were by Amy Berry in the pajama lounge. And Ashley Galbreath and the foyer both upstairs and downstairs. Ashley Galbreath designed a banquet that fits end to end right below the dormer window and the same materials as the walls where they're placed so the fun part about this is, you can easily pass by and not even know that there's a little nook to sit. So it's like everybody's favorite little secret spot in the house. And then she knows you should never, ever obstruct any kind of window. So, she actually designed this great little half-moon curve in the center of the banket that just really draws your eyes to the window. One of the genius things about bankets is that they all have a single bench cushion. It creates one Continuous surface, which is a cleaner look, and you never have to worry about anything falling in the uneven cushion cracks. [MUSIC]
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