3 Creative Uses For Curtains

Curtains can be much more than window coverings. They're a great way to bring pops of color and pattern to a room, especially if you're not wanting to commit to something as fixed as wallpaper or a painted border. In our 2016 Idea House, the interior designers have taken fun, creative approaches to curtains – including creating a faux wall and a tented ceiling.


[MUSIC] All throughout the 2016 Idea House, you're gonna see some amazing uses of curtains and all sorts of old fashioned ways that you haven't seen in a very long time. And each designer did a great job with it. In the master bedroom, downstairs, Lauren Leese did a very traditional bed hanging on a modern Four poster bed using her own paisley print fabric. It looks really streamlined and fresh in a new way. Upstairs in one of the bedrooms, Amy Berry did a half canopy above the headboard using a classic hollyhock chintz and then she lined it with a contrasting fabric. But I have to say, that in this bedroom, designed by Ashley Gilbret, she more than outdid herself. She upholstered the whole room in this great blue fabric from Kravet. On the two clipped walls, she had her seamstress devise what is essentially a half tented ceiling that creates two nooks out of each one. So in one tented ceiling she created a satee, and then in the other one she She created the perfect little desk nook and it has its own little secret door. To keep it looking whimsical, she added this great little scalloped pendant all the way around. Ashley had designed this room for anyone. It can be an adult guest room or it could be a children's guest room. She devised this great little roll down. So if it's messy, you can just simply unbutton the back of it and then it's Just one big curtained wall. I think if you have a room with a lot of dead space or if you have a huge room where you need to carve it into different nooks, a curtain is a great way to do it. When you're doing a project like this, it's going to require a lot of fabric. I think you can just buy the most simple basic fabric and, it's really just the amount Where it'll look really sophisticated. [MUSIC]
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