Choosing & Hanging Wallpaper

Picking out a timeless, beautiful wallpaper can be a challenge for novice decorators – but the results are certainly worth it. Come inside our 2016 Idea House with Senior Homes Editor Zoë Gowen to find our best tips on choosing the right paper and hanging it yourself.


[MUSIC] Throughout much of this years 2016 idea house you will find more wallpaper than you've probably ever seen in one place. When you're choosing wallpapers it can be a little bit tricky. In a bedroom you really probably don't want a loud pattern because that'll keep you up at night so it's better to keep the energy a little bit lower. And go for a more tonal color, like this grass cloth. And in a bedroom like this, that great texture makes a really relaxing quality, and you just sort of feel like you're in a real getaway. It really just wraps it all up and it feels deep and serene and I actually think it helps keep the noise down a little bit. For the smaller spaces or the spaces where you need a little bit more energy, like the small bathroom off of this bedroom, It's better to perk those up with a really bright pattern. Because wallpaper is a big investment, it is nice to think that you could DIY it, I would really recommend before you purchase, having a expert wallpaper hanger come and estimate how much you'll need. I would also recommend buying an extra roll if your gonna do it yourself. Because you have to be really careful that those seams match up. Though it's a larger investment in both time and money, hanging wallpaper is definitely a great way to spruce up the rooms you use the most.
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